At Circa we create circus that moves the heart, mind and soul. We discover, cultivate and present works and experiences from the living heart of circus – vital, challenging and delightful. We believe circus is a rich artistic territory that can deeply touch audiences and participants. To achieve this, we progress with ceaseless inventiveness (in all aspects of our art and operations) guided by safe danger and fuelled by love and respect.

Since 2006 Circa has toured to 30 countries across six continents. Critics have raved about its shows calling the work “stunning…exquisite… heart-stopping” and “electrically charged”.

On our website you can explore our shows, find which circus class is perfect for you or discover ways of being part of the Circa experience.

“Yaron has elevated the way Australia perceives circus, both nationally and internationally. The extraordinary transformation that he has taken that company through… I mean remarkable.”
– Cate Blanchett