Nathan Boyle

Nathan Boyle has been a natural performer his whole life. After terrorising his parents at a young age with handstands and cartwheels, his parents saw his passion for performing and acrobatics and enrolled him in gymnastics. His passion for acrobatics took him to sports acrobatics where he represented and won titles for New South Wales at many national championships.

After accepting his position at The National Institute of Circus Arts, (NICA) Nathan specialised in cloudswing, adagio, bungee trapeze and teeterboard. A memorable moment for Nathan whilst at NICA was performing at an International Circus Festival (CIRCA festival) in Auch, France in 2009.

Nathan joined Circa as a full time ensemble member in 2011 and has since entertained audiences nationally and internationally. Some highlights for Nathan so far has been creating and world premiering ‘S’ at Brisbane Festival and travelling around Australia on the National Roadworks Tour in 2012. He is excited for all the new adventures still to come.

Jessica Connell

Jessica Connell completed a Diploma in circus arts at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Melbourne. Formerly a member of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus specializing in hula-hoops and aerials, Jessica spent five years performing around Australia in a variety of productions. She also contributed to A4’s first production, Downpour in 2009.

In 2011 Jessica joined Circa where she was part of an eight-month season of Wunderkammer at the Chamäleon Theatre in Berlin. She then performed a three-month Australian regional tour of the Helpmann Award-winning show CIRCA. Jessica says one of her highlights was world premiering S by Circa at the Brisbane Festival in September 2012, which was her first new creation with the company. Jessica is excited to continue touring with the company and is looking forward to the year ahead.

Marty Evans

Marty Evans came to circus by a more roundabout route than most. After watching nothing but circus videos during his lunchbreaks at Australia’s only nuclear reactor, Marty left behind his published scientific career, embracing his physical sports background to pursue a career in circus.

His first taste of circus came at the University of Sydney in 2010 as he tried to entertain himself during free periods by learning to throw people into the air and trying to catch them again. Marty trained at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Melbourne. He is a fiercely determined and hard working hand-to-hand base that enjoys exploring new challenges and techniques.

Nicole Faubert

Nicole has a background in both dance and gymnastics. At the age of 15, at the end of her competitive career in acrobatic gymnastics, Nicole was introduced to the world of circus and hasn’t looked back since! She started off with flying trapeze and various aerial apparatus’ and hand to hand before she began studying at the National Circus School of Montreal where she specialized in handstands, duo straps and Banquine.

Keaton Hentoff-Killian

Keaton is originally from Saint Louis, Missouri where he grew up in a circus called Circus Harmony. He quickly became fascinated with circus and the constant challenges it presented him. During his childhood Keaton has performed in over 2,500 shows. Taking the next step he moved to Montreal, Quebec when he was 17 and began his 4 year training at Ecole Nationale De Cirque. At school Keaton studied Tight Wire and Chinese Pole, however upon graduating he wanted to explore other realms of circus and the easiest way to do that was to go to another realm of the world! So, he took a flight over to Brisbane, Australia and is hugely excited to tour with the Circa ensemble.

Lauren Herley

Lauren was born on the 21st of March 1989. The first day of Spring, the first day of Aeries.

Lauren graduated from the National Circus School of Montreal, specialising in vertical rope, contortion and handstands. She has worked and collaborated with
Compagnie Dave St-Pierre, Cirque Eloize, Les 7 Doigts de la Main, Cirque du Soleil, Compagnie Marie Chouniard and Nord Nord Est. Lauren is an original cast and creation member of Cirkopolis by Cirque Eloize, with whom she toured Europe, North America and Mexico. She has also performed for many large events such as the opening ceremony for the Vancouver Olympic Games, to many special events and cabarets in Montreal and around the world.

Lauren describes herself as a rope artist, but on stage and in creation has also performed and studied everything from hand to hand to hair hanging. She enjoys risk and the beauty of pain. In her spare time she enjoys playing guitar, singing late at night, listening to jazz music and writing poetry. Lauren joined the Circa ensemble in 2015.

Rowan Heydon- White

Rowan Heydon-White started flying around on a trapeze at an early age. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Physical Theatre, she decided she wanted to actively delve further into circus and so moved to New Zealand to also complete a Diploma in Circus Arts.

Over the years she has performed widely around both Australia
and overseas for various events ranging from corporate & private functions, to festivals and many contemporary circus productions. Her highlights so far include touring with Circus Oz, Legs on the Wall, Awkward Productions and Catcher.

Rowan joined Circa in 2013 and is looking forward to the challenge of working closely with a new ensemble.

Bridie Hooper

Bridie Hooper tumbled into Spaghetti Circus at the age of 11, where her imagination became entirely unleashed. She was taught to bend, fly and dream, and at 16, Bridie ventured south to the banks of the Murray River to join the Flying Fruit Fly Circus. In 2008 Bridie bid Australian soils ‘adieu’ to complete her studies at the Montreal National Circus School where she also had the chance to perform in the Vancouver Olympics Opening Ceremony, at Festival CIRCA, and in the Montreal Completement Cirque Festival in 2010 and 2011. Upon graduating in 2012 Bridie toured Quebec with Vague de Cirque, performed in GOP Variété Dummy and returned to Australia to work for Circa. After an already smashing year with Circa, Bridie is dead keen to see what will happen next.

Todd Kilby

Todd Kilby from the New South Wales coastal city of Newcastle was born into the life of surfing and all things beach.
He is a black belt in Taekwondo and has both trained and performed with “Circus Avalon” and “Hands Free Physical Theatre” with whom he won a CONDA (City of Newcastle Drama Award) for stunt choreography.

He joined the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in 2008 and whilst there worked with the Tangentyre Council in Alice Springs teaching in the local Indigenous Youth Circus Arts Centre. While specializing in Chinese Pole and Hoop Diving he has also been trained in Teeterboard, Adagio, Tumbling and Knockabout.
Todd is a multifaceted performer with a uniquely Australian style combining circus, dance, martial arts and drama. Todd has a passion and love of performing and entertaining audiences through exploration and raw human energy.

For Todd, Circa is an elephant of awesome in the Savanna of Circus.

Conor Neall

Conor was born in London, UK, in 1989. Having been always a physical child, Conor grew up doing parkour, gymnastics, martial arts and theatre, and generally jumping around and climbing on things he probably shouldn’t have.

At age 17 he discovered diabolo and after a year of obsessive practice he was able to combine his physical skills with a love of performance by attending The Circus Space in London (now the National Centre for Circus Arts).

In 2011 Conor graduated from the Circus Space specialising Chinese pole. During his studies he also developed skills in floor acrobatics, contemporary dance, trampoline/tramp wall and teeterboard. Since graduation Conor has worked in physical theatre, opera, events and contemporary dance as well as circus, performing for companies including the English National Opera, Nike and United Visual Artists. He performed as part of the London Olympic Torch Relay in 2012 and has toured throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa with Cirque Éloize in their show iD. Off stage Conor enjoys exploring, coffee drinking and solving Rubik’s cubes. Conor first saw a Circa show in 2009 and has aspired to work for them ever since.

Daniel O’Brien

Daniel O’Brien, born in 1992, has been physically active throughout his whole life, primarily focusing on his gymnastics training in his hometown and a few small gyms along the Queensland coastline. After high school Daniel made a decision to transition from the sport of gymnastics to a possible career in circus performance. He decided to move to Melbourne and study at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), specialising in hand-balancing and aerial straps, where he gained his first experiences as a performer. Daniel spends his spare time feeding his unhealthy addiction to video games or reading whatever he can get his hands on.

After attending NICA for three years, Daniel has fostered an immense passion for circus, honed his skills to a level, which has allowed him to join Circa as an ensemble member, and is excited to see what new and exciting skills he can bring to the company.

Kimberley O’Brien

Kimberley grew up competing in athletics and playing representative AFL. After seeing one of Circa’s show’s, Kimberley joined Circa’s youth performance troupe Circa Zoo. After two years of training and performing Kimberley was given the opportunity to be the very first member of fast track, a program designed for young and aspiring performers within Circa.

In 2011 Kimberley left Circa Zoo and fast track and became a full-time ensemble member. Since then Kimberley has toured numerous shows in various countries. One of her highlights was performing Wunderkammer at the Sydney Opera House. Kimberley is excited about her career with Circa and cannot wait to see what the future brings.

Kathryn O’Keeffe

Kathryn O’Keeffe trained in Canberra originally as a gymnast and dancer before going to the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) in 2003 to study dance. She then worked as an independent artist performing as well as creating works that mixed dance, physical theatre and circus for theatre, festivals and events. From 2008 onwards, Kathryn was a performer with Strange Fruit where she toured nationally and internationally for festivals and events in shows such as Swoon!, The Spheres and The Field.

During 2010 Kathryn was part of the seven- month aerial resident company that performed Airbourne – directed by Doug Tremlett and choreographed by Sue Broadway at the World Expo in Shanghai, China.
Kathryn first worked with Circa in 2011 where she performed in the world premiere of Nocturne in South Korea. She has been a full time ensemble member with Circa since 2012 where she has performed in shows including “S”, How Like an Angel, CIRCA, Wunderkammer and Beyond.

Paul O’Keeffe

Paul O’Keeffe, aka ‘the human whippet, dexterous daredevil, neat freak and mister fixit,’ had his first professional gig in 1996 playing one of the lead roles in Company Skylark’s, Wake Baby. Since then he has toured the world from outback Australia to 42nd Street/Broadway, New York performing in circus, dance, puppetry, musical and physical theatre.
Off stage, Paul has co-founded circus company, Kronik, co-set up a professional circus training studio in Melbourne, co-managed Warehouse Circus, ran independent circus troupes, and co-coordinated and implemented a number of circus workshops including one for 10,000 scouts over a 10 day period.

Paul has performed with Circus Oz, Circus Monoxide, Kronik, Cantina by Strut & Fret Production House, The Australian Choreographic Centre, Jigsaw Theatre Company, Out Of the Blue Studios, Malcom C Cooke & Associates and Legs On The Wall to mention a few…
Paul used to believe in his own immortality, now he just believes he’s a nut. He joined Circa as a full time ensemble member in 2013.

Brittannie Portelli

Brittannie Portelli has over 10 years experience in elite sport, and so had the perfect foundations to transition into circus. After competing internationally in both aerobic gymnastics and synchronized swimming, she wanted to combine her love for physical movement with her passion for performing. She completed the three-year Bachelor Degree Program at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in 2010 where she specialised as an aerialist. Shortly after graduating, at the age of 20, she started working with Circa as a full-time ensemble member.

Whilst at Circa, Britt has toured extensively and has many highlights including 3 Helpmann awards, an eight-month season of Wunderkammer at the Chamaleon Theater in Berlin, an Australian tour of CIRCA and performing in New York City and Montreal. Britt was involved in the creation and premiere of “S” at the Brisbane Festival 2012 as well as one of the 14 acrobats to perform in the world premiere of Opus.

Duncan West

Duncan West possibly surprisingly, is a fairly circumspect individual. He was attracted to the bright lights of the performing life slowly, like a moth to a candle, and while occasionally singed around the edges is somewhat surprised that he hasn’t burst into flames just yet. He started training acrobatics in 2010 after watching his younger brother (and chief inspiration) perform his graduation show at NICA.

In need of a new hobby, he starts teaching himself Chinese pole from youtube and a couple of years later starts training hand-to-hand with a very generous electrical engineer who happened to be a (very) patient, ex-circus base. Training was done in the afternoons after work and was done purely for the joy of it, the friendship and the feeling of conquering new skills.

He joined Circa in 2013 and since then he has circus-navigated the globe, performing from New Zealand to Namur and from Orange to Athens. Offstage he spends most of his time, baking, eating, reading and trying to work out which country he’s currently in.

Billie Wilson-Coffey

Billie discovered Spaghetti Circus at the age of 11 before moving to Melbourne to study at the National institute of Circus arts in 2007.
In her graduating year Billie made her international debut at the 4th World Circus Festival in Moscow.
Billie joined Circa as a guest artist in 2011 for the world premiere of ‘Nocturne’ in South Korea. Whilst working as a guest artist for Circa, Billie continued her solo work performing in cabarets and festivals nation wide.
Becoming an ensemble member at Circa in 2014, Billie toured ‘How like an Angel’ before an 8 month residency at the Chamaleon theatre in Berlin performing Circa’s production of ‘Beyond’.