The Circa Carnival comes to town with whimsical tales of creatures of land and sea, who tumble, fly, leap and spin their way through the many wondrous worlds of the animal kingdom.

Our zebras juggle and flip…
Our kangaroos skip and somersault…
We’ve elephants with street-cred and rhythm…
And even our dinosaur bones shake, clatter and roll to the music.

Carnival of the Animals whisks you away on a thrilling circus escapade inspired by Camille Saint-Saëns delightful salute to feathers, fur and fins. Circa’s acrobats bring this classical music suite to life for a whole new generation of circus, music and animal lovers.

A Production by Circa and QPAC’s Out of the Box Festival
World premiere Out of the Box Festival, QPAC, Brisbane 25 June 2014
Toured Australia, France, Chile, Colombia
Performers 6-7
Duration 50 minutes
Touring History Australia

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