Aerials Intermediate at The Judy


Take your aerial skills to the next level. Classes feature your choice of three apparatuses and you get to spend the whole class with your own equipment – no waiting around.


Lyra Intermediates at The Judy
7:50pm-9:20pm Thursdays / 21st Jan- 25th Feb / $210
1:50pm- 3:20pm Saturdays / 23rd Jan- 27th Feb / $210 

Silks Intermediates at The Judy
12:00pm -1:30pm Saturdays / 23rd Jan- 27th Feb / $210
3:20pm-4:50pm Sundays / 24th Jan- 28th Feb / $210

 Trapeze Intermediates at The Judy
5:45pm-7:15pm Wednesdays / 20th Jan- 24th Feb / $210

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