Circa Zoolings at The Judy


Zoolings is Circa’s bridging performance program for talented young people who wish to make the transition to Circa Zoo.

Zoolings are participants that aspire to new heights and want to train circus twice a week. They attend our Saturday advanced youth class and again during the week in this smaller more intensely focussed group.

For more information contact our Training Centre Director Jamee via


Circa Classes Term 3b will run for six weeks, beginning Monday, August 24th – Sunday 4th October. Participants have the option to book in for the full term for or our short term option . The last 2 weeks of term fall over the September school holidays, so our short term option allows you to book in for just the first 4 and/or 5 weeks of classes, to accomodate any missed classes over this period.

Full Term
6 Weeks, Monday 24th August – Sunday 4th October, $180

Short Term
4/5 weeks, Thursday 27th August – Thursday 17th/24th September, $150

Please note: Our Short Term option can only be used for classes missed during the September school holidays. In all other instances our regular missed class/refund policy applies. 


5:30pm-7:30pm Thursdays