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Meet Our Trainers

Training Centre Director, Jamee Campbell

Jamee Campbell came to circus after beginning in dance and studying Dance Performance at the Queensland University of Technology. Looking for something different Jamee tried circus and from the first moment she was hooked.

After training at the National Institute of Circus Arts specialising in aerial and contortion she spent many years performing around Australia and the world. Jamee is currently completing her Masters of Teaching and in 2018 was selected as the Australian education delegate for the University Scholars Leadership Symposium at the United Nations.

Right beside her passion for performing is her passion for teaching which she brings into her role as Training Centre Director. Through social circus outreach projects and training emerging artists, youth and recreational participants Jamee has witnessed first-hand the joy and transformation circus can bring.


Kelsey Adams

Kelsey is a performer, producer and trainer based in Brisbane. Growing up in gymnastics provided the ideal technical foundation for her circus performance, which she’s been bringing to cabarets and festivals for the past five years. She has co-created and performed circus shows on the Anywhere Festival program three years running; Hold My Beer, a circus-musical show performed in local bars, debuted in 2019 and brought home an Anywhere Award. Kelsey has also been coaching for over a decade, first in gymnastics and later in circus, having coached for Circa, Flipside, Vulcana, WDYC and the summer flying trapeze program at Camp Lindenmere (US). She also produces shows and monthly events as one-half of production company HalfHitch. In her spare time, she reads poetry, drinks chai and wonders if she’ll get around to using her psychology degree.

Chris Braithwaite

Chris is a dancer and circus performer based in Brisbane. His interest in moving has always been there, starting in gymnastics a young 9 year old boy and progressively moved towards an elite stream in his teenage years.

Chris continued training and competing until he finished his university studies in exercise physiology at 23. He then began training in circus and hand to hand acrobatics. At 25 Chris took his first dance class and fell in love with it and this whole new way of movement and expression.

Chris is a big believer in a multidimensional approach to training. With this in mind, his own training and coaching approach integrates everything he has ever learnt and found to be useful in the development of the body and the mind.

Rhylee Chapman

Rhylee has a passion for circus and all things aerial. She finds circus art empowering and it feeds her soul! She loves that circus is such a unique discipline and is a place where sports and art can meld together.
Since discovering circus in her youth, her love of heights and being upside down continues to grow.

Rhylee’s circus has allowed for some great opportunities both locally and overseas. Rhylee trains mostly in Lyra, tissue, handbalancing and acrobatics. When she’s not doing that she is getting sassy in pole dance.

Rhylee has a keen interest in the human body and loves being able to push her body in different ways to discover what it can do and how she can expand her skills. Rhylee continues to embrace all that the art of circus has to offer. She loves being immersed in the world of circus and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Daniel Crispin

Daniel was raised in Queensland with an upbringing in dance and combat martial arts. He graduated on scholarship from the National Institute of Circus Arts with the specialist discipline of Aerial Straps. Since graduating, his répertoire has grown to include Chinese Pole, Teeterboard, High Diving, Hoop Diving and very awkward Comedy Magic. Daniel has created and directed his own work internationally and performed alongside incredible talent in the Commonwealth Games, The Brisbane Heat ‘Hype Crew’, Madonna, 30 Seconds to Mars, DreamWorks, Pacha (Dubai), Company 2, Strut n Fret, CIRCA, Dragone and most recently with Cirque du Soleil as Principal Character and Straps Soloist in their award-winning show, “Toruk”. Crispin has proudly been a part of Helpmann award winning creations, nominated for the Griffith University Outstanding Alumni Award, twice nominated for Australian of The Year, guest coached in multiple Cirque du Soleil shows and lectured at performing arts schools. Additionally, throughout his career, Daniel has continued studying and achieved a Master of Sports Coaching Degree, Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning and is currently studying at the University of Queensland.

Tami Dawson

Tami has been working as professional aerialist and acrobat since 2002, starting her career in traditional circus at 16 and continuing to have a successful career performing at prestigious corporate functions throughout Australia and Asia through her company Aerialicious. In 2009 Tami attended the Wuqiao International Circus Festival in China, representing Australia with her aerial partner Michelle, competing with their Duo Lyra act ‘Allure’. As a coach, Tami is passionate and enthusiastic, always encouraging students to challenge themselves. Her main teaching areas are aerials (especially tissu, lyra and rope), contortion, strength and conditioning, choreography/artistic direction, and rehabilitation. Tami been coaching since 2006 well known for her eye for detail and technical knowledge.Tami is currently studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, with goals of a future career in research. Her areas of interest lie in hypermobility disorders and their management within elite athletes.

Rachael Gibson

Rachel has been working as a circus trainer and freelance performer singe 2003, specializing in acrobalance, hula hooping, and aerials such as cloud swing, tear drop, aerial ring, double trapeze and flying trapeze.

As a Circa trainer, Rachael enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, and helping them to develop skills, self-esteem, and relationships within the community.

Having worked as a performer for years, and also trainer as a yoga teacher more recently, Rachael combines this experience with her love of circus to create an open-hearted, creative and joyful learning environment.

Abby Kelso

Abby was raised in Brisbane and fell in love with circus at age 8 when she attended her first class at Flipside Circus; she has been hooked ever since. She has performed around Australia, including at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, and Sydney Hoopla Festival, as well as internationally in Europe.

She is also an experienced teacher and has been teaching classes and workshops at Circa and other training centres for a number of years.
Abby loves the fact that circus provides a non-competitive space to improve both your physical and creative skills. Her favourite skills to train are trapeze, hula hoops and acro.

When she’s not at the Circa Studio, Abby spends her time studying electrical engineering and growing her budding houseplant collection..

Izzy Lawton

Izzy has fell in love with performing at a young age, through her dance classes. At 11 she began to take acrobatics classes at her old dance studio, where she developed a strong passion for being upside down. After 3 years of acro classes she decided to enrol in Flipside Circus’ advanced tumbling class, falling in love with everything circus.

From then on, Izzy knew that she wanted to become a circus trainer and performer. After 3 years at flipside she decided to take her passion further and auditioned for Circa’s youth performance ensemble, Circa Zoo where she currently trains and performs.

Izzy specializes in tumbling, trapeze and acro. She is also currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science, inspired by her love for circus and her general curiosity of how our bodies are capable of doing such amazing things.

Michael Maggs

Michael began training with Circa in 2009 and soon fell in love with aerials. He now specialises in tissue, trapeze and corde. As a freelance performer and collaborator, Michael has been performing on and off in Australia since his first independently run show in 2011.

Michael also has a background in electronics and has collaborated with many artists to develop interactive projection mapping systems, specialised stage lighting and props, a wearable gestural music controller, sound-activated light costumes, highly sensitive audio equipment, display interfaces for artists and more.

Michael has been inspired by so many talented circus artists and trainers over the years and loves teaching circus himself. He really enjoys helping others develop their skills and gain confidence in this fun and supportive circus community.

Maite Miramontes

Maite has been involved with circus for over seven years initially starting as a C!RCA student after finishing up her competitive career in gymnastics. She is a qualified Primary school teacher and also has 10 years of experience teaching gymnastics.

Maite specialises teaching and performing in tumbling and acrobatics, but also enjoys handstands and aerials. Maite has performed for Vulcana Women’s Circus, Wilde Applause, Aerialicious as well as various cabarets and festivals including Mullumbimby Circus Festival, Wonderland Festival and Anywhere Theatre Festival.

Alex Mizzen

Alex Mizzen’s background has left a wonderful imprint on the artist we find today. As a trained gymnast and a graduate from the National Theatre Ballet, Alex worked as a contemporary dancer, honing both her physical and performance skills before turning her eye to circus. Now as an established circus artist with specialities in both hand balance and aerial chair, Alex has worked with some of the leading Australian & international companies; Les 7Doigts de la Main, Company 2, Cantina, CIRCA, Legs on the Wall, La Soirée, Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth & Le Grande Cirque.

Alex’s work is heavily influenced by this rich movement background and so ensues a particular style which has been recognized across a range of platforms since 2010. This was acknowledged in 2015 when Alex was awarded an Arts Queensland grant to further research her unique intersection of dance and circus. In conjunction with 15 years teaching experience in dance yoga, and circus, Alex is currently working with Circa Zoo, facilitating emerging artists in this very same process of uncovering their own creative voice.

Jacob Ramis

Jacob Ramis is a Brisbane-based circus artist and musician, with a keen interest in juggling, tumbling, and playing piano and guitar. Since finding circus at a young age, Jacob has performed with the Circa Zoo youth ensemble and the Flipside Circus Performance Troupe for audiences around Australia.

He has worked on a wide variety of shows ranging from small, intimate performances to large-scale outdoor works. Jacob’s musical involvement has continued to grow over the last few years, writing and performing original music for the Circa Zoo shows A Little Wonder and Tempus. Jacob will graduate from the Queensland Conservatorium with a Bachelor of Music Composition later this year and is excited to combine his circus performing with his musical interests. Jacob is enjoying teaching as he continues to develop his own skills further and grow as an artist.

Eve Timmins

Eve discovered circus in 2015 when she joined Circa Zoo Ensemble. This gave her the opportunity to perform for audiences around Queensland in a number of shows including A Little Wonder, Tempus, Bloom, Fred Bobby & me, Circus of the Senses, and Antithesis.

Eve has developed a particular interest in the areas of tissu, acro, straps and handstands. In addition to her C!RCA training, a highlight for Eve was travelling to Albury in 2019 to attend the National Training Project at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus.

Eve is currently studying a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at the University of Queensland.