Aerial Nights – Prerequisites

Welcome to Aerial Nights. To ensure you get the most from your experience, please review the prerequisites for each program. If you are unsure, please contact us at and our trainers will guide you to the appropriate level for your skills and goals.

We’re excited to help you reach new heights in your aerial journey!


Beginner Mixed: Some body awareness and strength are helpful, but a positive attitude and eagerness to learn are key.

Beginner Silks:

  • Completion of one term of Beginner Mixed Aerials
  • Proficiency in basic climbs, comfortable inversion, and basic strength needed


Intermediate Mixed (Trapeze and Lyra): 

  • Straddle/tuck under the bar
  • Ability to connect two or three skills in sequence
  • Demonstrated foundational aerial strength

Intermediate Silks: 

  • Proficiency in basic climbs and comfortable inversion
  • Ability to perform wrap drops and shapes
  • Required body awareness and strength to expand your skill vocabulary and sequencing


Advanced Mixed (Trapeze and Lyra): 

  • Essential body awareness and strength for dynamic or strength sequences
  • Minimum recommendation of 5 pull-ups, 5 leg lifts, and unassisted inverts

Advanced Straps: 

  • Minimum 2-year aerial training or upon trainer assessment due to the technical and physical demands

Advanced Silks: 

  • Essential body awareness and strength for multiple wrap sequences
  • Proficiency in completing multiple advanced skills