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From Old Things

Photo credit Justin Ma.

From Old Things is a dramatic encounter between the world’s oldest living culture and Australia’s newest circus company.

The first creation from Circa Cairns stares directly into the heart of tradition – is the past a fire that lights our way and warms our hearts or is it a pile of ashes that holds us back from new futures?

On a striking set featuring a burnt tree, the Circa Cairns ensemble explore dynamics ranging from rebellion to respect in a series of touching acrobatic encounters shot through with moments of humour, playfulness and connection.

Conceived and directed by Circa Cairns Creative Lead Harley Mann (Wakka Wakka) featuring members of the Circa Cairns ensemble, with sound design by Luke Briscoe, From Old Things is utterly fresh and powerfully urgent circus theatre.

In 2022 Circa Cairns was established by Circa as a First Nations-led, Cairns-based contemporary circus ensemble dedicated to creating great circus experiences from the nexus of place and culture.


World premiere: Bulmba-Ja, Cairns, Australia- November 2022
Performers 4
Duration 50 minutes


★★★★★ “If this First Nations-led contemporary circus ensemble can maintain the raw physicality displayed in this piece, it will be walking a sure path to success.”
Limelight // View

★★★★ “Circa Cairns does more than spark a newly devised work – From Old Things is a flare bursting with heat. ” Arts Hub // View


Created by Harley Mann and the Circa Cairns Ensemble

Director Harley Mann
Lighting and Set Design Yaron Lifschitz
Sound Design Luke Briscoe
Costume Design
Libby McDonnell and Anna Handford
Creative Producer
Rebecca Youdell

Circa Cairns is a Circa initiative supported by the Queensland Government and the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation. Circa Cairns is supported in 2022 by the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) fund – an Australian Government initiative.


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Tour Dates

Past Dates

Date City Venue
2nd - 5th November 2022 Cairns Bulmba-Ja Arts Centre