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Training Centre

Train where Circa’s world famous acrobats do.

Get fit and move in new ways with our Training Centre courses covering everything from aerials to general fitness using ground acrobatics. Our Term 3 starts 15 July, 2019 and bookings are now open. Get your blood pumping, learn something new and book a place in our term to master your circus skills, just get fit, or come and practise your form with our Open Training program.

We’re the only air-conditioned circus space in Brisbane – our fully equipped air-conditioned studio is located in the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts (Level 3). Check out our full time table here.

Why Circus?

Circus is as a vibrant and inspiring escapism both on stage and in the learning phase. Contemporary circus is thought-provoking and stirs us in ways that film, dance, and music do. Learning circus offers a kind of growth that is unique and significant in both children and adults.

In children particularly Circa’s trainers have seen significant benefits. Learning circus improves their strength, balance, hand-eye coordination and reflexes. It develops their physical and spatial problem solving, fine and gross motor skills, endurance and their ability to inhabit their body with physical confidence. The cognitive, social and enrichment that learning circus builds is very special. Circa’s trainers continually see improvements in concentration, patience, self-confidence, resilience, creative expression, sharing and respecting others. It offers a safe environment that is inclusive regardless of one’s abilities and provides an outlet for creative expression and energy.

Collectively circus can engage communities around a common interest and draw connections between those who perform on stage, those who watch, and those who are learning the craft.

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Young People Courses

Adult Courses