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Yaron Lifschitz - Circa Director

Yaron Lifschitz

Yaron Lifschitz is a graduate of the University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, and National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), where he was the youngest director ever accepted into its prestigious graduate director’s course. Since graduating, Yaron has directed over 60 productions including large-scale events, opera, theatre, physical theatre, and circus.

His work has been seen in more than 45 countries and across six continents by nearly 2 million people and has won numerous awards including six Helpmann awards and the Australia Council Theatre Award. His productions have been presented at major festivals and venues around the world including Brooklyn  Academy of Music, the Barbican, Les Nuits de Fourvière, Chamäleon and all the major Australian festivals. His film work was selected for the Berlin and Melbourne Film Festivals. He was founding Artistic Director of the Australian Museum’s Theatre Unit, Head Tutor in Directing at Australian Theatre for Young People and has been a regular guest tutor indirecting at NIDA.

He is currently Artistic Director and CEO of Circa, and was Creative Director of Festival 2018: the arts and cultural program of the 21st Commonwealth Games.


Rowan Allinson

Rowan comes from a strong background in gymnastics, that helped her transition smoothly into the circus world. When she was thirteen, she moved away from her family in Ontario to complete her high school and collegial studies at the National Circus School in Montreal, Quebec.

At school Rowan trained for six years as a tight wire walker, while also keeping a base in acrobatics, dance and group work. She loves to be on stage as part of an ensemble, to feel the energy from the artists around her, and to move collectively as one.

She will be graduating in June and heading to Australia the day after. She cannot wait to get started and experience this next chapter of her life (and see a real Kangaroo!).

Jon Bonaventura

Discovered on a friend’s trampoline in Melbourne, Jon caught his big break at the age of 12, working as a stunt double for Warner Brothers Where The Wild Things Are.

After over a decade in gymnastics, Jon went on to study at the National Institute of Circus Arts, specialising in rope. Jon graduated in 2014 and began touring independent projects around Australia before performing internationally with some of the country’s best circus companies – Circa, Casus and Circus Oz.

Jon can be found hiding in a cafe, hanging from his rope or standing on people all around the world.

Holly-Rose Boyer

Growing up in Albury, Holly-Rose was introduced to dance at the age of two and fell in love with all things performing after joining her local cheer and dance studio. In 2014, Holly-Rose auditioned for a place in the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, where she trained in handstands, hand to hand, aerial straps and tumbling under the mentorship of Loic Marques and Nick Hutchinson.

During her time at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Holly-Rose toured JUNK both in Australia and internationally. She also took part in Sydney Festival’s Nanjing Project, while travelling to Melbourne most weekends for additional dance training and performances. Graduating in 2021, Holly-Rose packed her life into two suitcases and moved to Brisbane to start the next chapter with Circa.

Outside of circus, Holly-Rose loves swimming at the beach and dogs, especially pugs.

Charlotte Cayer

Charlotte’s journey began amidst the lively streets of Montreal, where she was born and raised. Enrolled in a school that fostered creativity and individuality through its unique curriculum centred on theatre, visual art and music, Charlotte thrived in an environment that encouraged exploration and self-expression. Outside of class, she gravitated towards the water, diving into her love for synchronised swimming with fervour.

Surrounded by a diverse array of artistic disciplines, Charlotte discovered her love for performance and laid the foundation for her future artistic endeavours. Fuelled by her dream, she pursued formal training at the esteemed Quebec Circus School, graduating in 2018. Here, she seamlessly blended her background with the physicality of circus arts, finding herself drawn to its perfect amalgamation of athleticism and artistry.

Today, Charlotte continues to explore and expand her artistic talents. Her journey from Montreal to the world stage is a testament to her unwavering dedication and the boundless possibilities of following one’s dreams.

Rhiannon Cave Walker

Rhiannon began training with the Spaghetti Circus, Youth Circus Family in Mullumbimby from the age of 4. At 18, Rhiannon was accepted into DOCH, School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm Sweden. Here, Rhiannon specialised in hand balancing and hand to hand flying, focusing on a unique movement quality and research approach to my circus disciplines.

After 3 years of training Rhiannon graduated with a BA in Circus and was asked to join Australian company Gravity & Other Myths, with whom she developed and toured the show A Simple Space internationally for 2 years. During this time Rhiannon also co-created another small award-winning show Cadence which planted the seed to eventually co-create the successful circus company Arts House.

Rhiannon joined the Circa ensemble in March 2020.

Asha Colless

Growing up in Wollongong, Asha was introduced to circus at the age of six, taking classes at Circus Monoxide. Being in the air and flipping herself around quickly became her favourite thing to do, and this is where her love of performing came alive. At nineteen she decided to take her training further and study at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), specialising in hula hoops and silks. Asha also loves swimming at the beach, being in nature and a good book. 

Maya Davies

For as long as she can remember, Maya has always said, “when I grow up I want to join the circus”, and that’s exactly what she did. She grew up between Adelaide and the United States, but Maya’s circus training began at Cirkidz, in Adelaide at the age of seven. She has always excelled in both the arts and athletics, and was thrilled when she discovered that circus could be the perfect hybrid of both. This eventually led her to the National Institute of Circus Arts where she specialised in Partner Acrobatics and Chinese Pole, graduating with a Bachelors of Circus Arts. She is devoted to continue using circus as an art discipline; to tell stories, create striking performances, and explore physicality through an imaginative lens.

Helga Ehrenbusch

Helga is an acrobat, a base in partner acrobatics and an acro dancer. Helga started her circus career at the age of 6 in the circus school OMAtsrikus located in Tallinn. In parallel with circus training, she also did gymnastics classes in Acrobatic Gymnastics. She started competing internationally representing the Estonian national team at 13. With the first COVID wave, Helga stopped doing competitive gymnastics, sticking with circus and started exploring different performing arts fields joining the Estonian Dance Agency Company and studying drama at Tallinn 32 Secondary School. After graduating she realised that Estonia would be too small for her big dreams so she packed her stuff and left home to study Circus Arts in London at the National Centre for Circus Arts. This whole journey has led her to Circa where new adventures began.

Malte Gerhardt

The combination between concentration and explosiveness of partner-acrobatics has inspired Malte since he started to train circus arts at the age of nine in the south-west of Germany. In the following years Malte continued to develop his skills and started to teach various circus disciplines. At the age of 14 he successfully applied to the State Ballet School and School of Acrobatics Berlin and finished his vocational education 4 years later at CircArtive School. With his friend and base Benedikt Löffler he finished his final year of Codarts specialising in a rarely seen combination of partner-acrobatics and a one meter Globe.

Scott Grove

Scott Grove has been performing professionally as an acrobat since he was 15. He spent 14 years as a performer and co-director of The Leaping Loonies and joined the Circa ensemble in 2010, performing in a variety of Circa’s productions over many years. Some highlights are collaborating with The Debussy Quartet in Opus, three long seasons at the Chamäleon Theater in Berlin and having the opportunity to create different shows and tour them around the world. Off stage he spends most of his time hanging with his family in the Northern Rivers, playing music and eating large quantities of food.

Chelsea Hall

Chelsea comes from a background in gymnastics, platform diving and competitive rock climbing. Eventually this led her to Warehouse Circus, which is where she found her love for all things circus and performing.

As a child she had a keen curiosity for nature and physics, always planning on being a scientist however, once finding circus that dream soon shifted. She completed the Bachelor of Circus Arts at NICA in 2022 specialising in dance trapeze, hula hoops and group acrobatics. She still brings her love of the natural and scientific world with her through her performance and love of exploration. Chelsea also enjoys making her own earrings in her spare time.

Jordan Hart

Jordan fell into circus at age 21 after seeing “A Simple Space” by Gravity & Other Myths at the 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Coming from a sporty upbringing, the show left him feeling inspired and motivated to push himself and learn something new which led him the South Australian Circus Centre. He immersed himself in the world of acrobatics training with independent artists and members of the local performance troupe before leaving Adelaide to meet and train with other artists, both Australian and international.

With a strong desire to play and explore, things eventually got out of control and he decided he wanted to make a career of it. Jordan worked with Wildhouse Circus, Outside The Lines Circus, Casus and then Time In Space Circus before working with Gravity & Other Myths. In his spare time, he enjoys letting people jump on him and carrying heavy things for strangers.

Ally Humphris

Circa Cairns Ensemble Member

Ally is a proud Wakka Wakka woman with a strong commitment and connection to her Aboriginal culture. Ally has studied dance and fitness with professional experience as a circus performer. Ally joined the BlakFlip program at Circus Oz in 2013, which led her to be in the 2014 production of Corked Up. In 2017, as part of BlakFlip, she had the honour of being in the cast of Chasing Smoke, which continued with Casus.

Ally showcases her skills through power tumbling, acrobatics and movement and continues to perform with Circa Cairns.

David Kila Biondi-Odo

Circa Cairns Ensemble Member

David Kila Biondi-Odo is an First Nations independent contemporary artist of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island descent. David is a proud Aboriginal man who people are Mamu and Kalkadoon from Queensland, and a proud Torres Strait Island man from Mer Island’s in the Torres Strait.

David studied at ACPA (Aboriginal Centre of Performing Art) graduating with a Advanced Diploma in performing Arts in Dance in 2016. He further went on to study at Naisda developing his language and art of dance, graduating with a diploma in dance in 2019.

David has worked with many renowned artists and choreographers throughout his career and hopes to continue to develop and grow his relationship with dance and movement during his time with Circa Cairns.

Sam Letch

Instead of paying attention at school, Sam Letch focused all of his energy on throwing himself around in the cold and rainy north west of England, where he grew up.

At the ripe old age of 15, Sam decided that doing back tucks off sand dunes wasn’t enough. The answer to his problem: Parkour. He trained for 3 years until his acrobatics took him to the National Centre for Circus Arts (London) where he picked up such skills as teeterboard, hand to hand, banquine, floor and group acrobatics. After graduating Sam’s first job performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival lead him on to work with such companies as Cirque Eloize.

Sam’s primary love is performing, shortly after that is his moustache, followed by singing musicals at the top of his lungs for anyone who will listen.

Gerramy Marsden

Gerramy started his circus training at the age of 14, with Flipside Youth Circus, based out of  Brisbane. After graduating high school- Gerramy was accepted into the National Institute of Circus Arts, where he further advanced his repertoire, specialising in acrobatic basing and rolla bolla.

Since joining the ensemble, Gerramy’s passion and drive to creating group acrobatic tricks has thrived.

Gerramy has been performing with Circa since 2013 and has contributed to the creation and performances of a multitude of Circa shows.

His proudest achievement within the company was premiering and performing Circa’s very first solo based 4 high in a home town season.

Rosa Mordaunt

Rosa began circus at the age of two training with Spaghetti Circus, this is where her passion for circus began. She loved how it integrated athleticism, creativity and community, and always felt the most joy when she was in the training space. She furthered her training at the National Institute of Circus Arts, where she specialised in dance trapeze and hand to hand. As a flyer, Rosa’s performance style is influenced by her background in dance, she is passionate about exploring interesting, odd and unexpected ways of moving.

Oscar Morris

From a very young age, Oscar’s parents knew that sports weren’t really for him – when they tried to enrol him in soccer all he wanted to do was put on the uniform and sit on the sideline. Born and raised in Brisbane, Oscar fell in love with circus at the age of 8 when he was enrolled in youth circus classes at Flipside Circus. He trained primarily under Alex-Weckes Huck and Amy Stuart, specialising in various forms of ground acrobatics including hand to hand and banquine as well as juggling, Since graduating from Flipside’s performance troupe in 2021, Oscar has worked as an independent artist around Brisbane performing with companies such as Sparkle Society, Collective Circus, Counterpilot and Casus Creations.

When not doing circus, Oscar enjoys listening, playing and writing music – with him being able to play several instruments including: piano, double pass, bass guitar, guitar, percussion and the smallest amount of trombone.

Daniel O’Brien

Daniel has been physically active throughout his whole life, primarily focusing on his gymnastics training in his hometown of Maryborough and a few small gyms along the Queensland coastline.

After attending National Institute of Circus Arts for three years, where he specialised in hand-balancing and aerial straps, Daniel joined Circa as an ensemble member in 2014. Having fostered an immense passion for circus, he has since performed in many iconic Circa works including What Will Have Been, Closer and Humans.

He spends his spare time feeding his unhealthy addiction to video games or reading whatever he can get his hands on.

Edan Porter

Circa Cairns Ensemble Member

Edan Porter is a proud Gomeroi man from North-West NSW. Edan’s dance journey started at the age of six with Traditional Aboriginal dancing learning from his family in Moree, NSW. Edan started his professional dance training in 2016 with NAISDA Dance College and graduated in 2019 with a Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Practice. Over the course of his studies, Edan worked with choreographers like Craig Barry, Frances Rings, Pamela Williams and other incredible people that have shaped him as an artist. Edan has worked with companies including Sydney Dance Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Marrugeku, Opera Australia, Brown’s Mart Theatre, NT Dance Company and KARUL Projects. Edan danced in Canada as part of the Intercultural Creation Lab at Banff Centre of Creative Arts and hopes to travel more internationally. This year Edan joins Circa Cairns and is also working with choreographer Jacob Boheme. Through this time, Edan is continuing to hone his choreographic development and creating more work that he hopes will resonate with audiences to continue to share his story.

Kimberley Rossi

Kimberley grew up in Queensland, and as a Brisbane local it didn’t take long before she stumbled upon Circa.

Beginning her circus training at age 13, in just 3 short years she was given the opportunity to be the first member of Fast Track, a program designed for young and aspiring performers within Circa. With the support of her family, Kimberley decided to leave school and pursue a career in the circus industry. Shortly after she found herself on a plane flying out to perform her first show, ‘Nocturne’ in Seoul, South Korea.

Over the years Kimberley has been a part of over 30 productions, visited some of the worlds most beautiful locations and logged over 4000 hours in her favourite video game.

Sophie Seccombe

Sophie has loved free movement since she was born. Her slightly impetuous nature led her parents to enrol her in ballet lessons when she was two, and competitive gymnastics a few years after that. While formal training gave her a foundation, she preferred handstands in trees and acrobatics on the roof.

Sophie discovered circus at the West End markets in 2021. Immediately enthralled, circus exposed her to a world where gymnastics could be meshed with artistic expression without constraints. After a year of coaching by members of Gravity & Other Myths, she began touring nationally and internationally in Rouge. Outside of acrobatics Sophie may be found listening to Mazzy Star and swimming in any body of water she can find.

Shani Stephens

Shani discovered her passion for gymnastics at a very young age and dedicated many years to training and competing at a high level. At the age of 13, she made the bold decision to relocate to Albury by myself so that she could attend The Flying Fruit Fly Circus.

In 2017, Shani proudly graduated with specialties in hand balancing and acrobatics. Following her graduation, she had the incredible opportunity to work and tour with Circus Oz and Gravity & Other Myths.

Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of performing at prestigious venues such as The TOHU, the opening of Edinburgh Festival, GREC Theatre in Barcelona, and CHAMALEON.

As an acrobat, she takes pride in her versatility within an ensemble and she is dedicated to continuously honing her craft and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of acrobatics.

Zachery Stephens

Zachery began his circus career following in the footsteps of his siblings and aspires to one day perform alongside them. With a background in competitive gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting, Zachery is no stranger to lifting weight above himself and has a terrible habit of asking anyone regardless of size to stand on him.

Undertaking his circus studies at the National Institute of Circus Arts, he has trained for 4 years as a handbalancer and hand to hand base. However, his true love and the place where Zachery thrives most is in an ensemble, where he can explore group acrobatics in collaboration with creative movement. Zachery’s ambition as an artist is to become as versatile as possible, to never become comfortable and most importantly, to show the world why circus is the most powerful and beautiful expression of what it means to be human.

Joshua Strachan

Joshua has always been physical ever since a child, enjoying gymnastics and then youth circus all through his teenage years. Eventually he found himself doing a bachelor of circus at the National Institute of Circus Arts during which he was offered a contract with Gravity & Other Myths. He joined GOM in early 2018 and until mid 2024 had the opportunity to perform in over 25 countries, 650+ times, involved in shows including: The Mirror, A Simple Space, Backbone, I Want To Touch You, Out of Chaos, Playbook, The Pulse and Macro. With some notable seasons: Montreal Completement Cirque, Tohu, Chameleon, Edinburgh Festival, Sydney Festival, Adelaide Festival, New Victory Theatre and Ruhrfestspiele just to name a few.

He is very excited to come and experience the company that is Circa and to leave his mark. A small base, a dense flier and an all round middle.

Tristan St John

Tristan laughs a lot, produces music and people say he doesn’t have an off switch. Since the backyard trampoline, Tristan has always wanted to fly! Teeterboard and trampolining were a part of his upbringing since the age of 10; not a spare second was spent off it! During the last eleven years, he has competed at national trampoline competitions, performed Teeterboard, Acrobatics and Chinese Pole to multiple audiences and has completed a Bachelor of Circus Arts.

Adam Strom

Adam started circus classes at the age of six, in the hopes of becoming a superhero. He trained in acrobatics, aerials and juggling for 11 years with Flipside Circus, while also developing his skills in dance, music and theatre. In 2014, Adam was accepted into the Québec Circus School in Canada, where he began an intense and intimate relationship with his German wheel. Since his three years of circus school, he has created and performed in myriad productions around the world, including Midnight Circus, Crépuscule by Flip Fabrique, and La Galerie by Machine de Cirque. He likes performing so much that his superhero career is going to have to wait.

Lachlan Sukroo

In an effort to curb some of Lachlan’s seemingly boundless energy, his mother enrolled him in Canberra’s Warehouse Circus at the age of 8. After graduating from Warehouse’s Emerging Artist Program, Lachlan cofounded an independent circus troupe named Poncho Circus. Lachlan performed with Poncho for a year before deciding that a career in circus was definitely more appealing than sitting behind a desk.

He attended the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) studying Chinese pole, teeterboard and group acrobatics. After graduating, he performed with Circus Oz for two years performing internationally and around Australia before joining the Circa Ensemble in January 2019.

Darby Sullivan

Darby discovered circus at a holiday program when he was seven years old, then and there, he decided this is what he would pursue. Determined to achieve his goals, he took his passion for circus and acrobatics further, graduating from Warehouse Circus in Canberra, performing around Australia and completing his studies at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, where he specialised in straps, acrobatics and teeterboard. He’s now excited to keep exploring the limitations of what the human body can achieve whilst sharing his art around the world.

Luke Thomas

As a child, Luke Thomas was always driven to pursue an acrobatic career, constantly found swinging upside down on the hills hoist in his backyard. At age 11, he joined Circus 35° South, and trained aerials, tumbling and manipulation for seven years before studying at the National Institute of Circus Arts, graduating in 2017.

During his study, Luke specialised in tissu, foot juggling and group acrobatics. Luke co-created and performed Out of This World Children’s Show, with seasons at Woodford Folk Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival. Luke also performed in One Fell Swoop’s By a Thread at Mullumbimby Circus Festival, Perth Fringe Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Circa Festival at Auch, France.

Luke joined the Circa Ensemble in 2018, performing in the world premiere of Circa’s Peepshow.

Georgia Webb

Born and raised in outback Western Australia, Georgia was a competitive gymnast and dancer for 13 years. This background gave her the discipline and work ethic which now informs her circus practice.

After both parents insisted that their only child join the military, Georgia decided to forgo those plans to follow her own dream of running away with the circus. Graduating from the National Institute of Circus Arts in 2019, Georgia joined Circa as a full-time ensemble member in January 2020.

In her spare time Georgia enjoys motorbike riding, surfing and free diving. She also hopes to travel the world skydiving someday.

Christina Zauner

Christina grew up on the country side in Austria. She started dancing when she was four years old, and participated at her first competition at the age of six. Christina graduated with a Bachelor in Classical and Contemporary Dance at MUK Vienna. During her education she started to train aerials and vertical dance.

After graduating, she worked at the Vienna State Opera as an Aerial Double, followed by a role in the musical Cats in Switzerland.  Christina worked with the Irish Company Fidget Feet and as a performer and Choreographer at Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig.

Christina found her way into the circus world as a self-taught aerialist, specialising in straps. At the age of 24, she started to enjoy to climb on people or have them climb on her. A very determined person, Christina loves to challenge herself and explore what her body is capable of.  She also plays accordion and loves to design and sew costumes.

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