Producing Heroes

Producing  Heroes  is a podcast dedicated to creative producers who make impossible things happen. Every day these intrepid theatrical alchemists harness the energies of artists, hustle opportunities, dream dreams and translate them from  ideas  into shows. 

They are the drivers of an industry and yet they tend to remain hidden, hiding behind the curtain. Until now. 

Producing  Heroes  tells their stories, in their own words. The triumphs and failures, the risks and rewards, the glory and the gory all feature in these deeply personal accounts of some of the world’s most inspiring creative producers. 

Some have created global musical theatre sensations, some program regional venues and others work at the crossroads of experimental art or run major arts centres and festivals.  All are united by their fearless pursuit of opportunity and their belief that they can make theatre happen. All have created works of significant impact and all have battled odds to make them happen. 

Produced by Circa and hosted by Yaron Lifschitz, Circa’s Artistic Director, Producing Heroes is aimed at anyone who has ever wondered “how did this show happen?”

Producing Heroes

Created by Circa
Host: Yaron Lifschitz
Producer: Lauren Eisinger
Post Production: Thom Kellar, Folklore Sound

Special thanks to
Joe Melilo
Kate Bouchier-Hayes













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