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Beyond facts with Kat O’Keeffe

1. When/where did Beyond first premiere? Beyond first premiered in 2013 in Norwich, the UK but its official premiere was at The Chameleon Theatre in Berlin.

2. How many Beyonds have you done? Beyond has done 458 shows over the last 3 years. I wouldn’t be that far off and would have performed in around 450 of these.

3. What is your favourite act in the show? I love performing my blindfold handstand act as I love the focus it requires and the challenges that come with not being able to see where everything is. I wouldn’t be able to choose my absolute favourite act in the show as each performer brings something magical to the show every night and the beauty of live theatre means there are subtle changes constantly.

4. How many countries have you toured to with Beyond? We’ve toured to 13 countries so far. Germany, the UK, Australia, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Hungary, the US and the Czech Republic.

5. What has been your favourite place you’ve toured to? I absolutely love Berlin but one of my favourite tours we did was in France and Italy in 2013 where we were performing in outdoor venues that were many centuries old. The contrast between the old ruins and stages of those venues with the modern design of our set was stunning.

7. Do you have a pre show/ post show ritual? We generally warm up, rehearse and train for 3 hours before the show starts. Post shows generally involve refueling my body with some delicious food and socialising with the cast and crew. I guess my main ritual is making sure all my props, costumes and a bottle of water are in the right place before the show starts.

8. What is the longest season of Beyond you’ve done? The longest season we’ve done was in Berlin at the Chamaleon Theatre where we performed over 200 shows over 7 months!

9. What is your favourite Beyond memory? I have many favourites memories from all of the amazing venues we have performed in, including meeting wonderful people and making lots of new friends from all over the world. One of my favourite show memories was when we were performing at the Brisbane Powerhouse. One of the performers Paul O’Keeffe was mid way through his act with an exercise ball where he is going crazy and jumping all over it when it pops and deflates. He continues like he has finally won against the ball when a new one happens to roll on stage. We usually never have two of these exercise balls but we happened to have an extra one that season. Watching his face as he realises he had not won and had to keep going was pretty priceless and had all the cast in hysterics on side of stage.

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