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How to travel like an acrobat

1. What are your ‘must-have’ items in your carry on bag?

A clean set of clothes, toothbrush & toothpaste, baby wipes, moisturizer, Hydralyte and my book.

2. Do you manage to sleep on planes?

I’m very lucky and have a magic super power! I have the ability to sleep anywhere and at any time. Having short legs defiantly helps finding a comfy position in those plane seats.

3. Do you have something that you always wear on a plane during long haul flights?

Believe it or not I carry my dressing gown with me. And wearing my favorite comfortable pants and jumper is a perfect way to just sit back and relax.

4. What do you like doing during layover times in airports?’
Showering and eating real food! Going for a walk and stretching my legs is always great to if there is time.

5. Do you have any tips for how to stay sane during long-haul flights?
I only really ever watch movies when I am on an aeroplane so that keeps me entertained.

6. Do you suffer from jet lag? What are you tips to best avoid this?
Being so physical helps because it gets you up and moving and you mind needing to be alert, but there are still those mornings at 3:00am where your mind and body insist on being wide-awake.

My best tip is to flick the time over on your phone to the final destination as soon as you get on the first flight. I try and trick my body into that time zone whilst travelling so it makes it that little bit easier when I arrive. But another golden rule I try and live by is to stay up until the sun goes down the first night you arrive to your new location.

7. Are there any exercises you do on board?
I just try and make sure I walk around up and down the isles. Having a little stretch if I can at the back of the plane also helps.

8. Do you take your own food on board?
If we are flying on a short flight where we wont get feed I always try and take something with me, nuts, a salad, just something to snack on.

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