S is sinuous, seductive, sophisticated, sensual and savage.

Inspired by the shape, grammatical functions and sound of the 19th letter of the alphabet, S will fill the stage with the raw immediacy of performers at their physical and emotional limits.

A powerfully emotive work, S celebrates Circa’s essential manyness – a physical ode to plurality that extends the possibilities of human strength and flexibility through the daring interplay of complex acrobatics. The ensemble will fill the stage with a beautiful mélange of bodies performed to intoxicating music from Kimmo Pohjonen, Samuli Kosminen & the Kronos Quartet.

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World Premiere Brisbane Festival, 8 September 2012
Performers 7
Crew 3
Duration 85 minutes
Touring History Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hungary, France, USA, UK,

Photo by Darcy Grant Photography