Step into a cathedral, surrounded by the magical music of Arvo Pärt, recorded by the extraordinary Australian Chamber Orchestra. This sets the stage for an hour-long circus performance like no other, created by the visionary Yaron Lifschitz and performed by members of the globally renowned Circa ensemble.

In Eternity, these talented circus artists explore powerful emotions and delve into profound themes such as love, death, loss, hope and wonder. Through their breathtaking acrobatics and awe-inspiring feats, they express the human experience in a way that will touch your heart.

This show goes beyond the physical capabilities of the human body, pushing the boundaries of what we can see and understand. It poses the question: can circus grapple with the mysteries that lie outside the visible realm?

Eternity is a show that immerses you in a state of rapture, featuring two monumental works of contemporary spiritual music by Arvo Pärt: Tabula Rasa and Fratres. As these captivating melodies fill the air, you’ll be surrounded by stunning architecture, creating an atmosphere that transports you to another world.


World premiere Brisbane, Australia – September, 2023
Performers 10
Duration 65 minutes


“Human spirit in flight” – The Australian//View

★★★★½ Circa’s Brisbane Festival show contemplates the eternal to impressive effect.” – Arts Hub//View

“Poetry in motion” – Arts Hub//View

★★★★ Eternity sits at the intersection of circus, dance and spiritual reflection. It is a testament to the maturity of the company and its director Yaron Lifschitz.” – Limelight//View

“The setting is sublime, the music is glorious, the skills are impressive, and the whole show is an absolute delight to watch.” – Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane//View

“It’s a beautiful space for a circus piece.” – In Review//View


Created by Yaron Lifschitz and the Circa Ensemble.

Eternity is co-commissioned by Brisbane Festival and City of Newcastle’s New Annual festival.

Director Yaron Lifschitz
Composer and Sound Designer Jethro Woodward
Costume Designer Libby McDonnell
Arvo Pärt recordings courtesy of the Australian Chamber Orchestra
Director and Violin Richard Tognetti
Violin Satu Vänskä (Tabula Rasa)
Australian Chamber Orchestra

International Representation

Allen Moon / David Lieberman Artists’ Representatives USA, Canada, Central & South America
Antonin Coutouly / Book Your Show France
Danielle Kellie / Circa Australia & New Zealand
Shaun Comerford / Circa Commercial Projects
Wolfgang Hoffmann / Aurora Nova Worldwide booking & coordination
Yaron Lifschitz / Circa New creations & big dreams

Circa acknowledges the assistance of the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its principal arts investment and advisory body and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Tour Dates

Date City Venue
28th - 31st August 2024 Hull, England Freedom Festival

Past Dates

Date City Venue
13th - 16th September 2023 Brisbane, Australia St John's Cathedral
1st - 9th December 2023 Groningen, Netherlands Grand Theatre Groningen