What Will Have Been

“…circus at its purest and most thrilling… utterly captivating” – Daily Review, Australia

Three artists stretch the boundaries of contemporary circus in this intimate and deeply moving new production by Brisbane-based contemporary circus company Circa.

Hauntingly beautiful and truly virtuosic What Will Have Been is a sublime display of interlocking bodies, awe-inspiring movement and pure physical beauty. Circa’s intrepid artists will challenge your perceptions of what is possible within the human body and draw you deep into a world of physical daring.

Accompanied on stage by a live violinist and fusing together the music of Bach and spine-tingling electronica, this explosive new production is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings and have you on the edge of your seat.


World premiere Norwich, UK 2015
Performers 4 (3 acrobats, 1 violinist)
Duration 65 minutes


“. . . as breathtaking as ever… you could have heard a pin drop.”- Norwich Evening News, UK | View

★★★★ “. . . circus at its purist and most thrilling . . . utterly captivating.” – Daily Review, AUS | View

 “Circa is spare of costume, prop and space. Rather, it focuses on circus as an essential human art, exploring the physical and emotional possibilities of acrobatic physicality.” – The Edge, USA | View   

“…an evocative narrative of physical and emotional resonance.” – Arts and Ideas, USA | View


Created by Yaron Lifschitz with the Circa Ensemble
A Norfolk and Norwich Festival and La Teatreria (Mexico) commission

Director Yaron Lifschitz
Technical Director / Co-Lighting Designer Jason Organ
Co-Lighting Designer Richard Clarke
Costume Design Libby McDonnell

Violinist Rebecca Seymour/Lachlan O’Donnell

International Representation
Allen Moon / David Lieberman Artists’ Representatives USA, Canada, Central & South America
Antonin Coutouly / Book Your Show France
Danielle Kellie / Circa Australia & New Zealand
Shaun Comerford / Circa Commercial Projects
Wolfgang Hoffmann / Aurora Nova Worldwide booking & coordination
Yaron Lifschitz / Circa New creations & big dreams

Circa acknowledges the assistance of the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its principal arts investment and advisory body and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Tour Dates

Date City Venue
8th December 2024 Saint Nazaire, France Le Théâtre, Saint Nazaire
14th December 2024 Maison Alfort, France Les Théâtres de Maisons-Alfort

Past Dates

Date City Venue
19th - 23rd June 2018 Becket, USA Jacob's Pillow
30th - 31st May 2019 Santa Ana, USA The Yost Theater
4th - 9th June 2019 Charleston, South Carolina, USA Spoleto Festival
12th - 15th June 2019 New Haven, Connecticut, USA Arts & Ideas Festival
19th - 23rd June 2019 Becket, USA Jacob's Pillow
6th - 7th September 2019 Ketchum, Idaho, USA The Argyros
13th - 20th September 2019 Osaka, Japan Morinomiya Piloti Hall
18th - 18th September 2019 Hiroshima, Japan JMS Aster Plaza Middle Hall
21st September - 22nd August 2019 Hyogo, Japan Himeji City Cultural Center Large Hall
23rd - 23rd September 2019 Nagoya, Japan Winc Hall
24th - 25th September 2019 Tokyo, Japan Yomiuri Hall
30th November - 5th December 2021 Berlin, Germany Chamäleon Theater
18th June - 2nd July 2022 Stockholm, Sweden Parkteatern, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
7th - 30th July 2022 Avignon, France Théâtre des Lucioles
16th - 19th August 2023 Colorado, USA Breckenridge International Festival of Arts
22nd - 23rd September 2023 Newcastle, Australia New Annual Festival
16th November 2023 Arlon, Belgium Maison de la Culture Arlon
17th - 18th November 2023 Brussels, Belgium Wolubilis
21st - 26th November 2023 Versailles, France Theatre Montansier
29th - 30th November 2023 Creil, France La Faïencerie
1st December 2023 Fontenay Les Roses, France Theatre des Sources
2nd December 2023 Franconville, France Ville de Franconville
9th December 2023 Coutances, France Theatre Coutances
14th December 2023 Chateauroux, France Nationale de Chateauroux
16th December 2023 Beaupreau, France Scenes de Pays
17th December 2023 Les Chapelles Bourbon, France Lenvolée
19th December 2023 Gonfreville, France Ville de Gonfreville l'Orcher
21st December 2023 Levallois, France Ville Levallois
10th January 2024 Saint Dizier, France Les 3 Scenes
12th January 2024 Montaigu, France Terres de Montaigu
16th January 2024 Merignac, France Le Pin Galant
17th January 2024 Lons, France Espace Chambaud
19th - 20th January 2024 Oloron Sainte Marie, France Espace Jéliote
23rd January 2024 Saint Martin D'Heres, France Ville de Culture
24th January 2024 Lempdes, France Ville Lempdes
25th January 2024 Andrezleux, France Theatre Du Parc
26th January 2024 Vénissieux, France Théâtre de Vénissieux
27th January 2024 Roanne, France Theatre de Roanne
30th January 2024 Morges, Switzerland Theatre de Beausobre
1st February 2024 Le Revest, France Le Pole
2nd February 2024 La Ciotat, France La Chaudronnerie
3rd February 2024 Miramas, France Théâtre La Colonne Miramas
6th February 2024 Haguenau, France Relais Culturel
7th February 2024 Saverne, France Espace Rohan
8th February 2024 Selestat, France Tanzmatten
9th February 2024 Ostwald, France Le Point D'eau
11th February 2024 Caluire, France Radiant Bellevue
13th February 2024 Soissons, France Ville Soissons
14th February 2024 Saint Quentin, France La Splendid
16th February 2024 Vogelgrun, France Artrhena
13th - 17th March 2024 Brisbane, Australia QPAC