One Beautiful Thing

★★★★★ “. . . it felt as if Circa and their Indian collaborators were in touch with the divine” 

Daily Review, Australia

Artists from Circa’s ensemble will share a stage with practitioners of Mallakhamb, the awe-inspiring Indian sport somewhere between gymnastics and wrestling that employs pole and rope to produce astonishing physical configurations. Dating back to the 12th century, this unique cultural treasure had almost vanished by the turn of this century, but an exceptionally skilled group of performers have dedicated themselves to mastering the focus and balance required by Mallakhamb.

Created in India and Australia, this collaboration brings two cultures face to face; contrasting and reflecting their differences as they seek to create ‘one beautiful thing’.

Accompanied by music drawing on traditional and contemporary Indian musical forms, both cultures will come face to face; contrasting and reflecting their differences as they seek to create ‘one beautiful thing’.



World premiere Melbourne, Australia 2017
Performers 18 (11 acrobats, 7 Mallakhamb artists)
Duration 145 minutes
Touring History Australia


Created by Yaron Lifschitz and the One Beautiful Thing Ensemble
Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne

Director: Yaron Lifschitz
Associate Director/Producer Ben Knapton
Design Coordinator/Costume Designer: Libby McDonnell
Lighting Designer/Technical Director: Jason Organ
Stage design: Yaron Lifschitz, Libby McDonnell, Ben Knapton & Jason Organ

Composer: Daryl Wallis
Composer/Performer: Utsav lal

International representation
Paul Tanguay (Worldwide)
David Lieberman / Artists’ Representatives (USA)

Circa acknowledges the assistance of the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. 

One Beautiful Thing was commissioned and presented with support from Arts Centre Melbourne, the Sidney Myer Fund and the Playking Foundation. Asia TOPA is a joint initiative of the Sidney Myer Fund and Arts Centre Melbourne and is supported by the Australian and Victorian Governments.

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